Paraglider Skywalk Join't 2

Enjoy responsibly! Enjoy together! As a responsible tandem pilot, safety is your chief concern. The JOIN’T3 is also fun! EN B certified.

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Brand Skywalk
Class / homologation EN B
Colors grey-blue-orange, grey-green-black
Country Germany

The new JOIN`T 3 is equipped with a considerably expanded weight range of 100kg – 225kg. Thanks to the very low canopy weight, the glider climbs effortlessly, providing a relaxing experience for pilot and passenger. Still, there are robust materials implemented in discrete places, guaranteeing a long product life.
RIGID FOIL elements made from unbreakable plastic form the leading edge already on the ground, assuring quick, even inflation.
After a surprisingly short launch path you are in the air and the direct handling is immediately pleasingly noticeable. A new brake gathering system allows for less steering pressure and makes the JOIN?T 3 the fun-glider of the tandems.
Also in private use, the JOIN`T 3 impresses with a clearly arranged line concept, clever detailed solutions as well as excellent performance in the thermals. The clean flare and low landing speed, realized with skywalk JET FLAP Technology, round off the total package.


Technical data

number of cells49
flat area, m241,0
flat span, m.14,78
aspect ratio5,33
weight, kg9,4
flight weight, kg140-225
homologationLTF09: B | EN: B