Skywalk Arriba 2 paraglider

Your reliable companion for Walk & Fly! The ARRIBA2 features low weight and a small packing volume. EN B certified.

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Brand Skywalk
Class / homologation EN B
Colors white-red-серебро
Country Germany

We achieve this with the lightweight, PU-coated aluminum material AEROFABRIX [AL]32 that we also use on the POISON3, together with a pure 3-line concept and Rigid Foil technology in the leading edge. The resulting weight savings make the hike up to the launch site that much easier. Certified as EN-B/LTF-B, the ARRIBA2 gets you airborne even from difficult  Alpine launches. In flight it will convince you with its handling and performance, as well as the safety potential derived from the TEQUILA3. The combination of low weight and appealing handling make for an uncomplicated glider with great performance for Walk & Fly Events.


Technical data

number of cells4444444444
flat area, m220,7123,3026,2028,8031,00
flat span, m.10,4711,1111,7712,3512,80
aspect ratio5,35,35,35,35,3
weight, kg3,84,14,54,95,3
flight weight, kg50-7060-8075-9590-110100-120
homologationLTF09:B | EN:BLTF09:B | EN:BLTF09:B | EN:BLTF09:B | EN:BLTF09:B | EN:B