Skywalk Cayenne 4 paraglider

A Glider of the newest Generation. All the latest technology packed in our new wing. EN C class.

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Brand Skywalk
Class / homologation EN C
Colors green, lilac, red
Country Germany

The CAYENNE4 is not just a pure 3-Liner, it only uses 2 main lines per side and line level. The new suspension system uses a 4-way bridge between the two main lines, reducing line drag by 20% compared to the previous model, the CAYENNE3. With the CAYENNE4, we have designed a glider that will convince you with its exceptional glide performance, its precise, fatigue-free handling and a high degree of passive safety. Compared to the CAYENNE3, we improved performance in every regard. Enjoy the feel good factor!


Technical data

number of cells5959595959
flat area, m221,8024,4826,7328,3029,48
flat span, m.11,5512,2412,8013,1613,44
aspect ratio6,136,136,136,136,13
weight, kg5,35,76,16,36,6
flight weight, kg60-8575-10090-110100-120110-130
homologationLTF09: B | EN: CLTF09: B | EN: CLTF09: B | EN: CLTF09: B | EN: CLTF09: B | EN: C