Aeros Vitamin 2 paraglider

A perfect choice for school students, novice and weekend pilots who need easy take off, easy handling and highest level of safety.

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Brand Aeros
Class / homologation EN B
Colors white-red, white-green
Country Ukraine

Long brake travel helps beginner to feel better canopy behavior and to avoid mistakes. Big openings in the leading edge make inflation fast, allows the beginner to learn take off easily. This option is useful also for passive safety in the air. Specially designed and carefully tuned accelerator gives enough high speed combined with  high stability.

We use for Vitamin only best quality materials which we buy throughout the world. Top surface is made from well known for it’s durability OLKS from Gelvenor Textiles. Due to this the wing works for several years even at schools with their harsh environments.

Pleasant at take off and docile in flight, Vitamin perfectly suits motorized flights.


Technical data

aspect ratio4,814,814,814,81
projected area, m2m221,8723,4125,7528
projected span, mm8,829,139,579,98
projected a.r.3,563,563,563,56
root chord, mm2,7652,8633,13
tip chord, mm0,60,620,650,68
number of cells39393939
flight weight, kgkg60 - 8070 - 9085 - 105100 - 125
homologationEN BStandardStandard