Paraglider Skywalk Mojito HY+

Many flight schools have given the MOJITO.HY+ the rating „excellent“.

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Brand Skywalk
Class / homologation DHV 1 / DULV
Colors orange, palm
Country Germany

The turbulence-dampening high stability concept makes possible hours and hours of relaxed cruising with a motor, on the mountain, or from the winch. JET FLAPS ensure maximum safety and a forgiving handling provides the necessary fun factor in this class. The MOJITO.HY+ is certified for all current motors and radiates with new serial colors introduced in 2011. A safe partner for a wide range of use.


Technical data

number of cells39393939
flat area, m226,0828,4030,4032,10
flat span, m.11,1911,6812,0912,42
aspect ratio4,84,84,84,8
projected area, m222,524,526,2527,72
projected span, m8,919,39,649,89
projected a.r.3,533,533,533,53
weight, kg5,66,16,56,9
flight weight, kg75-12090-140105-160115-180
homologated flight weight, kg75-9590-110105-125115-140
paramotor homologationDULVDULVDULVDULV