Skywalk Scotch HY paraglider

The Freerider among Hybrid Gliders Fun-oriented pilots who prefer a precise, lively handling will feel right at home under the SCOTCH.

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Brand Skywalk
Class / homologation DHV 1-2 / DULV
Colors red, grey
Country Germany

Mountain and flatlands flying belong to its domain, too, so no pilot will have to choose between thermal and motor flying. JET FLAP technology provides additional safety reserves and extend the operational range of the SCOTCH – the ideal partner for pilots who like it sporty.


Technical data

number of cells5151
flat area, m227,530,4
flat span, m.12,0112,57
aspect ratio5,25,2
projected area, m223,826,4
projected span, m9,6310,13
projected a.r.3,893,89
weight, kg6,46,9
flight weight, kg90-130100-150
homologationDHV 1-2 up to 110 kgDHV 1-2 up to 130 kg
paramotor homologationDULV up to 130 kgDULV up to 150 kg