Harness Advance Impress3

Unique seatbordless design for lightweight and efficiency.

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Brand Advance
Colors black-purple, black-lime
Country Switzerland

The IMPRESS 3 introduces a new generation of harnesses to the thermal, cross country and competition pilot. This logical continuation of the unique seatboardless LIGHTNESS concept provides the highest degree of comfort, and is aerodynamically as good as you can get. With an LTF certified back protector the IMPRESS 3 weighs only 4.7 kg - extremely light - and compact.

No seatbord, no problem

With this new design - without a seatboard - your body weight is supported by an ergonomic, crease-free seat surface, meaning that you definitely sit (or lie) more comfortably in the harness. This design does not create those pressure points that become a nuisance on long flights, and this is a clear advantage compared with a conventional harness


The IMPRESS 3 weighs only 4.7 kg – quite revolutionary for a harness with speedbag and approved protector. This weight reduction results from the sum total of numerous design and material details; lighter materials and innovative design also considerably reduce the packed volume.


The results of a lot of wind tunnel measurements were considered in the development of the IMPRESS 3. We specifically directed our focus on the aerodynamics, namely the airflow over the chest and leg areas. A low drag and geometrically optimised harness with a novel cockpit-spoiler concept is the result.

Technical data

pilot height, cm155-170171-185186-200
weight, kg4,54,74,9