Harness APCO Tandem Pilot

APCO's foot mark in the tandem harness market.

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Brand APCO
Country Izrael
Colors black-orange

Simply named Pilot harness and Passenger harness these harness set is APCO's foot mark in the tandem harness market. 
Specially designed for professional use by tandem pilots and their passengers.
Each harness is designed to be used as part of an integrated set for Pilot and Passenger. Synergized to work perfectly together.
Of course each harness can be used on its own, but they work best when combined.

PILOT Harness

Extremely comfortable, safe, and light, the pilot harness was designed for ease of use with maximum protection. The seat plate is flared outward to accommodate the passenger. The Pilot Harness provides excellent ergonomics on the ground and in flight. Many special features have been built in to make the pilot's job easier, and more comfortable. 
One feature deserves special attention: The harness set is equipped with a special, unique pilot stirrup - which helps provide for automatic transition of passenger into sitting position. This is pilot operated on take-off (original solution developed by APCO. Credit to Matthieu Arlettaz). The stirrup doubles as a foot rest, supporting pilots legs during flight and relieving leg strain during flight.