Harness APCO ChairBag Integral IV

A harness when flying and a backpack when traveling, all under 2.55 kg.

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Brand APCO
Colors blue-black, red-black, green-black

The ChairBag Integral IV is a better more advanced and comfortable version of the ChairBag III. Sophisticated, super-light dual-purpose harness - a harness when flying and a backpack when traveling, all under 2.55 [kg]. Designed for pilots on the go who want the comfort and safety of a full feature harness for half the weight. Just flip the harness inside out, throw in your glider and you are ready to go. Professional carrying system with gel padded shoulder straps and waist belt insure comfortable, effortless hikes to take-off.
Based on the Chairbag III, but implementing all the accumulated experience gained during years of Chairbag production, we believe the Chairbag IV offers many advantages over the previous version.
Unlike other convertible harnesses on the market, the ChairBag comes with a full-size seat plate for maximum comfort and weight shift control.  Pilot protection insured by the integrated Cygnus air bag system and the under the seat emergency parachute container.
Fitted with lightweight quick lock buckles throughout and Aluminum loop-and-slide adjusters for easy in-flight use, the ChairBag provides lavish comfort where you least expect it.