Harness APCO Spark

The latest, most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range.

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Brand APCO
Colors red-black, yellow-black, grey-black
Country Izrael

SPARK - the latest, most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range, has been launched by our R&D team.
The SPARK stands out for its comfort, finish and clean lines. The concept of SPARK is based on latest harness design principles, taking APCO technology to new heights.
Now even more comfortable, more sophisticated and sleeker than any other harness on our range.
SPARK shares the philosophy and design approach with rest of our harnesses.
SPARK will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic harness, offering total comfort, maximum security, blended with stylish design and loads of extras.
The pilot protection environment of SPARK shares the same elements as EDGE, including full airfoam backprotector with backplate and side protectors, but takes pilot safety protection even further.